Sunday, June 20, 2010

another rainy walk

We walked to Mt Tabor reservoir, (really a series of reservoirs,  terraced up the side of Mt. Tabor)  something we frequently do on the weekend. 

It is close, provides exercise to us old folks and wears the children out, which is always a good idea.

On the way, we encountered this little guy.  He is pretty far from water, and all alone, which made me worried for him.

We pass by this old pump station on our way.  It is all boarded up and closed off now, but my father says that when he was a child, that you could stop and get a drink inside. 

We have to settle for the fountain outside.  These perpetually running fountains are all over Portland.

Up the first level, and a 1/4 mile stroll around the water, brings us to ...

The next level.  Which Freyja can RUN up.  

This is the top of level two, looking down onto the empty reservoir below.

If it wasn't so blasted hazy, you could see downtown. 

We live to the far left of this photo.

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