Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It raining, it's pouring

The first day of summer vacation for Maxwell, and the weather is pretty cruddy. 

We decided to go for a little walk, since we were all feeling a little housebound. 

There was this really lovely patch of calendula along the way, but otherwise not a lot of excitement.

Freyja was being a little bit of a pill, and a camera hog, which made Maxwell look like that.

I thought it would be cool if we could replicate the photo from the title of the blog, but I couldn't get it just right, now matter how many times I tried.

  Miss F made  a valiant effort, hurtling down the steep hill, over and over. 

 She dazzled us with her ring crossing abilities.  I still can't go all the way across.

While we were making our hill running photo, we I noticed that Maxwell was really uptight. 

"are you embarrassed to be out with your mom and running down a hill with your sister?"

"no I am feeling paranoid about those gang bangers"

I look around a notice a group of teenagers huddled under a tree.  
I had to look twice to make sure they were actually teen agers, and not just really big children.  
I am getting to that age, where everyone under 25 looks like a child to me. 

"those are not gang members, Maxwell, they are just kids trying to look tough."

but they were clearly up to something.

Sure enough, a minute later I smell the tell tale smell of pot, and suggest we leave the park.   

He walks home through this park everyday, alone, and now I feel really guilty that he might have been feeling afraid everyday.   He tends to be rather cautious and  little old ladyish in many ways, which I  like to attribute to Mark's mother providing child care for him when he was an infant, she is a very nervous and cautious person, but I am too, so there you go. I will check in with him more often about his feelings.

It really started to POUR on our way back. 

Even us tried and true Oregonians had to say uncle, and retreat inside.
The clematis seems to be thriving, so that is a good thing, I suppose.

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