Monday, June 14, 2010

get in line...

the number of broken things has become quite staggering around here.

It seems that all the recent rain and wind have blown out our phone line off the kitchen.

We do have other phone jacks, but this is an ancient house and the only phone jack next to a outlet (to support a wireless phone) in the common areas is the one that is broken. 

That essentially means no phone, unless we take one of the wireless phones from the bedrooms and walk around with it, and more importantly remember to put it back on it's hook, so it doesn't  run out of batteries.

I don't even want to think about having the house rewired is going to cost. 

All of the wires are snarled through the attic and in some cases inside walls. 

A complete headache.

We had a similar thing fixed a few years ago and it meant literally taking a basement pillar apart, because some brilliant do it your selfer, installed a line through the center of the basement ceiling, inside the ceiling.

For now we are living with very limited phone service.  It is a perfect match for our lack of a dishwasher, and goes well with the windows that need to be replaced.

This old house... sucks.

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