Wednesday, September 2, 2009


We finished season III of Dexter.

It was good enough.

I mean Dexter is no Sopranos, can't touch Six feet under, doesn't hold a candle to the Riches (which was cancelled!!! #$%#$), but I like it.

I like the concept of a vigilante killing bad guys- so sue me, I do, I like it.
I wish he didn't enjoy in that freaky serial killer way, but I still like the idea of it, if only he would include more child molesters.

We also watched two episodes of The united States of Tara, which had such colossal potential to be bad, yet was really very good, that I have to hand it to Diablo Cody, she is pretty freaking brilliant.

We are also watching the staircase, a documentary about Michael Peterson's murder trial. His wife was found dead in a giant pool of blood at the bottom of the staircase, and he says it was an accident, and the DA says murder.
Oh, and he was a bit of a closet case, which he claims his wife knew about, and this whole thing is taking place in the south, which is not what anyone would call gay friendly, in fact the whole DA office are positively giddy when they talk about getting him.
It is pretty interesting so far.
Naturally-and Michael even speaks to this- he is only able to get a semi- fair break, due to the fact that he is rich, so there is that.
The whole class thing in the US justice system.
Yup, pretty interesting.
I think he is innocent, Mark is leaning toward guilt.

I have been reading, but nothing note worthy, really just a bunch of crap.
the only thing I even remember a title for is a country called home.
Which is written in a sort of "literary" highbrow style that I find pretentious and annoying.
It is about Idaho, and farming, and small towns, and loss. Not bad, not my cup of tea.

I also read the king of sting, a memoir about Craig Glazier's life of posing as a cop and robbing big time drug dealers. Kind of interesting, although Craig is really phony and self absorbed and silly. I find criminals interesting, though, so I put up with what is clearly 90% bullshit.

What else?

Oh, a novel about a Catholic sect (?) group (?) region(?) in India, called Konkans.

(god, am I ignorant or what? geez. I was just chatting today with a fellow in Morocco, about symbolism in film and it dawned on me how little I know about so many things! In the case of the fellow in Morocco (isn't the internet awesome?), we were talking about universal themes, when it became clear the themes were not really universal to folks who do not come from a Judeo-Christian culture... anyway. I know very little about this region in India. That was my point. I knew there was one in there someplace.)
The novel was good, but Mark accidentally returned it to the library, so now I can't recall the title, but thanks to the google gods, I was able to find it Tony D'Souza The konkans, interesting and worth rooting around the library for.

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