Sunday, September 13, 2009

the fruits of our labor

It was in the 90's on Thursday and Friday.
Today it is just hot, not oppressively so, but hotter than I like it to be.

I baked some muffins anyway, even though turning to oven on makes the kitchen almost unbearable.

The muffins are sitting upon a really lovely thrifting find- a Fire king platter with a really groovy mid century design in the center- little dots in various shades of blue. It is ovenproof, which I love. I love Fire king and am always tempted to pay too much for it in vintage shops. This was more my price level, at $2.99.

Our tiny pear tree yielded about 10 perfect, tiny pears, which were so heavy the tree almost snapped in half, and we got one pitiful volunteer sunflower.

We are not much on gardening, that is for sure.

I made lentil soup for lunch, even though it felt too heavy and autumnal for the sunny day.

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