Saturday, September 26, 2009

not quit autumnal

The weather continues to be hot.

I am starting to take it personally!

Maxwell had his first new acting class today, so Miss F & I headed over to Laurelhurst Park
for some playground action and some duck feeding.
I know, I know, you are not supposed to feed the ducks, but they LIKE IT!

That is the extent of the Saturday activity around here.

Last evening we did have something TOTALLY WEIRD happen to us, though.

I took the kids to a free concert at Music Millennium (Bela Fleck), and on the way there we were listening to a homemade CD of Cat Stevens. We were running a late, so when we pulled up, I just turned off the engine and left the CD in the player, with the cover, on the seat next to me.

Off we go to the concert, which was packed and hot, and not very fun.
Freyja demanded that I hold her the entire time, and some cranky old hippie shoved Maxwell (I KNOW! Can you believe some hag would shove a little boy, to get a better view for herself? SHOCKING!). So after 20 minutes or so we decide to leave.
We get back into the car and take off. The radio was turned OFF, which was weird, so I turned it back on, and Lucinda Williams comes on. For a minute I thought that perhaps, my brother burned that song onto the end of the CD when he made me the Cat Stevens, but then I ejected it, and saw that it was a commercial CD, not the homemade one that we had left in the player.
So naturally I pull over because I suspect that the car was broken into.

Nothing was taken EXCEPT the homemade CD!
When I got home Mark searched the entire car and it was no place to be found.
The whole thing was just weird as hell, and I really don't cope with weird very well, but in addition to the missing CD, we started out morning on Friday with a flat tire, that turned out to have been slashed, all the way through. So all and all it was a day of weirdness for my car, and for me, and I hope that nothing else like that will happen for a long time. The blog keeps eating this post, so excuse the lack of flair in the writing, I am just trying to get it published before it evaporates again!

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