Friday, September 18, 2009

rambling without a destination

This is a very sweet idea.

My friend Sara turned me on to it, and I have printed out a couple of things, and I will use the green one with mushrooms, a little girl and the rabbit for a birthday invitation, for Miss F's birthday.
Super cute.

I am in one of those mushy sentimental moods today.
No good reason. Finding myself busting out the Chet Baker and crying at cat food ads on television. What did Joni Mitchell say? "I am selfish and I am sad" , that about sums up how I feel today. Note to self, listen to Joni, right after Chet.

My stepfather was nice enough to tape and mail me the first several MADMEN episodes from this current season.
I was so excited, I watched two this afternoon by myself. Boy am I glad my husband is not like those guys, whew! If you haven't watched MADMEN, go rent it right now. It is amazing.

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