Saturday, September 5, 2009


On Thursday, we headed south to the Enchanted Forest, a teeny theme park just south of Salem, about an hour away.
The park is set into a hillside, and has been around since 1971.
Things are pretty much the same as they were when I was a child, except for the addition of a few tasteful rides.
I am not a fan of theme parks, but this one is sweet, small and super clean.
I like the woodsy feeling too, and the shade.

The old woman who lived in a shoe, has a nice big slide, but small enough that little kids aren't intimidated.
The haunted house is pretty scary. It was too scary for Freyja, who kept saying
"I need to get out of here!"
It has a sort of dank moldy smell, that adds to the creepy feeling!
We brought along a lunch, which is always a good idea!
Here is my super elegant salad in a baggy!
The yellow jackets were out of control.
Worse than I have ever seen.
Bootiful Princess went on the kiddie Ferris Wheel by herself (the rest of us were too big).
Maxwell and I went on the super scary & exciting log ride, and got really wet!
We (and by we I mean ME) really wanted to go again, but Mark had wandered off and he had the tickets in his pocket, so we only got to go once.
Miss F, eating a parting frozen yogurt and flashing gang signs?

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  1. aigh, we ate our picnic in front of the watershow, where the wasps were not. it was pretty bad. no one got stung, though.

    i've been keeping green clay in my purse, just in case. whiny kids with stings and bites are such unpleasant company.

    i heart the enchanted forest. i never get tired of it. i keep borrowing other people's kids to take there. heh heh heh. nanny funtime gets all the enjoyable stuff to do and the parents get bupkiss!