Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Maxwell started high school today and things went fine. 

He is much more resilient than I ever was, than I am today. 
Both kids are. 
I have done a good job as far as self efficacy goes. 
There is little question in either of their minds on where their place in the world is. 
I take a lot of credit for that.  You take credit where you can when you are a parents, I suppose.

I took a training in June with a fancy PhD guy that teaches child development. 

I am not easily impressed, but this fellow impressed me, despite his arrogant manner and his silly tattoos.   He said "tell them something true", children. 

He's right, children, like most people want to hear the truth. 

It is best when the truth is something positive, naturally, but we were working off that assumption, the assumption that teacher and parents want what is good for children and people.

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