Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fur S with love and cheese

I had an e-mail from my dear S asking if I was ok, since I hadn't been blogging much lately, and well I suppose, I am technically okish, but it has been a grind.  Aunt Karen came for a few days, we are back to school, activities and working full tilt.  So we had a few nice evenings, we met up at Bread and Ink for happy hour, because I had a long week and didn't feel like cooking, or thinking or working very hard, once I got home from work.  I was surprised to see Maxwell taller than Rolf, that seemed strange and unexpected. 

 then I made an elaborate Italian meal with anchovies in the salad and two sauces, because I felt guilty for being so wicked and lazy.

I have two friends in the hospital, one is quite ill, which made me terribly sad.  I made food, I delivered it, I felt inadequate and teary.

Tired and concerned with all the sick people I know

It was warm enough to sit outside until late, playing Chinese checkers and admiring the poodle
a great deal of cheese
Onions for spaetzle

Karen and I toasting to old friends and the power of beets.  I am looking hideous in a crew neck dress, someone should have warned me.

Make some noodles YO!

Pudding and checkers the great healers

Because we are so classy!

A crown for my friend Tony's child, finished at last.  Karen wore it a bit, Queen of Everything!

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