Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Where I been at part II

Goat cheese, plum, thyme tart Freyja and I made this weekend, because we CAN and we DO!

Ketchup, made with plums, peaches, and garden tomatoes, because we had a lot and we were making burgers, yo!

She's a pro!


Before, goat cheese emulsification, with olive oil and thyme.

In the mean time we cut and simmered the fruits

Goat Cheese + Ricotta (you pronounce it Ric COAT a, unless you want to sound like a redneck, is what I said).

What plus What makes pie crust Freyja? Fat plus flour! In this case we ground oats, filberts, and almonds, with butter!

You must use your hands, even if it feels yucky!

Maxwell and I went school shopping at the Red Light and had some excellent lunch at Bread & Ink, my favorite place.

Blackberry lemonade.  We also hit Powells, Maxwell is reading "one flew over the cuckoos nest", me? Denis Johnson. Maxwell said "this is the best sandwich in the whole world, of B & I's prawnburger.  I had coffee and a waffle, because I am silly like that.

The cupcake portion of the wedding cakes.  I also made this teensy LOVE banner, I am not responsible for the love letters on the table. 

6 LAYERS. baby, just saying!

My home girl was WEEDING like a crazy woman right up until the end, because she is tough like that! Look how cute my banner is! Totally cute!

Pack up sister! My mom, two friends and Mark all hauled a lot of cake & flowers, to the Volvo! It was very scary!

a little bit of frosting will hide the imperfections!

Mommy, please come lay with me, I have hardly had you at all for days and days.

My wedding face is on!

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