Sunday, September 29, 2013

Two weeks of catching up, no catsup, however

borscht for a freind

The boy and I out to dinner at Mi Mole, too spicy for both of us, although I like the flavor profile

my other baby

He had to play in the band for a football game, and didn't come home until almost 11:00 Friday and I missed him a lot, this is such an ugly picture of me, but I like it of Maxwell, so I'm leaving it.

because we are silly

my new red dress, on my way to meet an old friend for coffee, two weeks ago, before all the rain. I've had those shoes for over 20 years.  They are excellent shoes.

Working early Saturday makes me a little cranky

Rolf treated me for my birthday, a mere nine month late.  Bar Dobre, I love it, the green walls, the sauerkraut, the beets, the candlelight, the grapefruit cocktails.

I made an apple pie, because I like apple pie and I am good at making them, and I wanted to do something that made me feel competent and accomplished, so there.

Freyja and her friend made pizza, which they didn't really eat much of.  They had more fun playing out in the pouring rain.

Pie + Pizza = Motherly love 

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