Saturday, August 31, 2013

I was honored and amused by a message in my in box to "Beautiful Heidi"  from an old lover that had not been particularly nice to me.  Twenty years and plenty of my not being very nice to other people gave me enough grace to be graceful.  I was happy to hear about his life, his children, to reminisce about our school days.  

What are you teaching? English I assume. Remember being turned onto Camus by Mrs Hannah ? 
It was such a brilliant, shining moment in my life

Falling in love with literature when you are 16 is fantastic, mind altering and magnificent
I wish I could reproduce that feeling,
I wish it came in a bottle, that you could splash on a little when you feel like shit

 He suggested a six-pack of magnificence would be more effective, than my splash, which is not a half bad suggestion. 

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