Sunday, August 4, 2013

The bunting for the hippie wedding.  I am also making the cake.  I am moderately nervous about the cake, due to the heat and the propensity for frosting to melt.  I've borrowed muffin tins to make the cupcake part, but I still need to figure out a six inch layer pan.  I may skip that part, but I don't want to.  I am much, much more concerned with all of this than the bride is.  It is my nature to worry. I am worrying for two.

Here is my worried sewing face, thinking of cake pans, anxiety face. 
Freyja and Rolf reading "Danny, Champion of the world"  Freyja is enjoying a Roal Dahl phase right now.

My visit with Karen and her big brother. 

Aunt Karen doing "Psycho" style cake cutting

Maxwell goofing around with his favorite aunt

Karen came home with me for one night, and was able to spend a day with Maxwell

My tired of sewing face.

I took Maxwell out for lunch, while Freyja was in gymnastics.  I think we got the better deal.


We dogsat my mother's dog for an afternoon.  This dog looks a lot like Steve Buscemi!

A tart tatin was brought by a friend

Then I made a raw, vegan, gluten & dairy free "cheesecake" because I'm crazy like that.

cucumber lemon water is good

This cat likes to destroy things.

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  1. Soaked cashews for the cheesecake? I'll be needing the recipe