Sunday, August 4, 2013

A half an inch of water and you think you're going to drown

I asked my women's group if "overwhelmed" is the new normal.

I am either getting a lot less good at absorbing stress and change, or life is getting more intense.

My friend Ruby says that it's a time of general discord cosmically, or astrologically or something. 

I don't ever pay close enough attention to know exactly.   Ruby is going to send me a link or something from her guy, that will explain it all.

It's overwhelming.

My friend Pam went all the way to Africa to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, her life's dream, but her son got sick and she had to climb back down, about halfway up, and care for him. 

On Friday night Freyja told us that the toilet was overflowing.  Something, might have fallen into the toilet and it might have not been fished out.  It's not entirely her fault, the bathroom is poorly designed, with a cupboard built into the wall behind the toilet. Her brother had ransacked that cupboard earlier in the evening and left things all ajar, all jangled up and hanging out. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

Earlier in the evening I had gone to dinner with a mom friend Janet. 

Janet has a beautiful house that most certainly does not contain a poorly designed closet behind the toilet.  She has a lovely, clean house, that most likely is not full of toilet water.   Janet has a delightful partner and a charming quiet child.  It felt marvelous to be sitting with them having some overly garliced hummus.  I was pleased when Janet told me that her 90 year old mother, who lives with them "tells me every fucking ache and pain and our new dog eats sticks, woodchips, anything he can get ahold of. " 

I need a bit of common ground.  I need a few chinks in the armor, me coming from toilet water place. 

Chaos, large and small is finding people. On mountain tops, in the form of tiny, elderly people and in great whooshes of filthy toilet water.

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