Thursday, October 13, 2011

did I mention the part about the Wild West?

I force my children to eat outside to justify the covered deck! Bwahahahaha!

Beetgreens are GOOD!

a whole lot of cabbage going on

the making of the dumplings

mushroom nutballs with onion gravy!

helping Mommy with Friday night dinner!

spinach stuffed mushrooms!

apple, onion dressing

Allowing Mommy to photograph me with my hair neat and tidy

Insisting on my bangs pulled back to make Mommy crazy.

Yes, you are taller than me, but NO, you can't avoid family functions!

Telling Mommy that you need a "wild west" themed costume at the 11th hour and counting on her sewing skills!


  1. What did you do to the beets in this meal? I know your love of them and need more ways to eat them:)

    Your cooking and sewing skills are awesome.

  2. we just steamed them, with the greens... they are really, really GOOD, simple but good!