Friday, February 19, 2010

a sunny, sunny corner

We fell in love with the sunroom, with it's unpainted woodwork and windows floor to ceiling on three sides, when we first viewed the house.  It may have been the reason we picked this old dump.

On bright shiny days like today it all makes sense.  

The wrinkled tablecloth is purely a matter of my profound laziness, coupled with the fact that the iron is broken.

Mark brought me this lovely jasmine wreath, which looks nice on the table, but I know I really need to get it into the ground fast, which could present a problem.
 I am a neglectful and lazy gardener...
(are you sensing a theme here? No ironing, no gardening, I am on a highway to housekeeping hell.)
The roots are already terribly bound up, so it won't last long without room to spread out.

The kitchen table is also befitting from all the sun pouring in.  Normally I am happy and content with cool and gray weather, but for some reason today I feel delighted to see so much bright light. 

I found this little Polish pottery mug on my weekly thrift store treasure hunt.  I am beside myself with happiness, because I am such a huge fan of Polish pottery, but too cheap to ever buy it for myself- this one cost .99!  
It is sitting on a buffet that I found sitting on the sidewalk in NW Portland 20 years ago.  I tiled the top with tiles I bought in Mexico and from the free box at Pratt & Larson.  I didn't know what I was doing, tiling is harder than you might think.  I have a coffee table I want to tile, so I am slowly collecting 1" squares from P & L free box, and plotting the design in my head.
And finally, some deviled eggs and pickles for a little Friday night dinner party.  The pickles (cucmber and grape leaves) were made by the mother in law of one of our friends.  Baba Luba is from The Ukraine makes the most remarkable home grown preserves and has the good sense to give them to you in a gallon sized jar! No measly pints from this gal!

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