Thursday, February 4, 2010

I got to get Organezized

Don't you just love a good Taxi Driver quote?

 I spent the morning cleaning as I always do on Thursdays, but I have given up on trying to put much order into Maxwell's  office/film studio corner.  
He has been feverishly putting out film after film with his stop motion camera, which generates a lot of paper mess.  
The sets must be constructed, the scripts written and edited and then there are the comic books, the masses of rough drafts... on it goes.  
He may be personally responsible for wiping out an entire forest before he turns eleven.

I can't say much, this is what my bedside table looks like these days.   I am not exactly a paragon of order, myself.

 Then there is Freyja.  At five she dutifully makes her bed, and tidies up.  We moved things around a bit, before her birthday party to make more space for playing, and I think it is working out well. 

 I also made my weekly trip to Goodwill and no I don't always buy stuff, only when I find something really awesome, like this 60's Japanese mug, this tray perfect for Valentine's cookies, and THREE duralex glasses.  They stopped producing the glasses a few years ago and they cost a fortune on E-Bay.

They are the best glasseware in the world, you can for instance, get totally drunk, knock them off a table onto a wooden floor and they don't break.
You can use them for votive holders and let the candles burn all the way down and singe the side of the glass and they don't break.
You can bake custards and tarts in them and they do not break.

In fact in the past 18 years I have only had one break, and that was dropped outside on concrete.

What I have experienced a lot is old housemates stealing them, so I keep my eyes peeled for them whenever I am at a thrift store. 
Rolf likes to drink wine out of them, and I like to use them for the kids, since they hold 4 oz, which is the perfect kid size, and I freaking hate those hideous plastic tippy cups. 

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  1. Good news Heidi!

    Duralex glasses are sold at Williams-Sonoma. I guess they were gone due to bankruptcy, but are now back, thanks to Emile Henri. I love mine!