Sunday, February 28, 2010

kale, chard and baba au rhum

We made a baba today...

I don't usually feel comfortable with yeasted doughs, but Rolf is good with them so I thought why not?

I did a hybrid of Martha & Julia's recipes, and left out most of the rum, because the kids were going to eat it.  I also made some fabulous kale, chard and spinach with ginger for myself, since no one else in the house would touch it!

Mark is out of town, so I am letting the kids have cake and fruit for dinner.

Both children had playdates today.  Freyja and her friend picked me flowers, and made me pictures, so the house is extra decorated tonight.

In the end we wound up overcooking the blasted thing, but it tastes good anyway.  

Cest La Vie! 

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