Friday, February 26, 2010

A bad hair day

I got a terrible haircut yesterday.  
What made it even worse, was the hairdresser's insistence on using one of those straightening irons.  
I left the place looking like a drowned rat.  
I have a really big face, that requires fluffy hair, not sleek, glossy limp hair.  
I thought getting a haircut would help me get over the fact that my skin has, at age 42 decided to go to hell in a handbasket.  Now I just have shitty skin AND hair- excellent, for the self esteem.

I knew getting a haircut without a lot of forethought was a poor idea.  I totally knew it!  

I rarely do anything spontaneously, and on the rare occasions I do, it has usually turned out badly. 

I spent the morning on a snipe hunt.  Driving around Beaverton looking for an electronics supply store, that my friend John thought would have the housing for the broken wire that we need to repair our bathroom fan.  

The bathroom fan has been a big thorn in our side for years.  

It works for a while then breaks, which is a huge problem since the bathroom has no ventilation, and consequently the paint is now peeling and looks hideous, and eventually the lack of ventilation will cause the whole house to fall down.  OK, that is an exaggeration, but it will surely cause some big problems in the bathroom, if it doesn't get fixed soon.

We have fixed the bloody thing over and over, only to have it poop out again and again.  

Like everything in this house, the fan is old, and was installed by a do-it-yourselfer, in a haphazard, and half assed manner, that makes fixing it a million times more difficult than it should be.

The fan is smaller than the fans they make these days, which means that if we wanted to say, put a brand spanking new fan in, it would require cutting a bigger hole in the side of the house, which is doable, but the place where the tiny fan resides is smack in the middle of a place that you should not go around hacking up, lest the whole house fall down, again, an exaggeration, but not by much.

Our dear friend John has been helping us along in this whole saga.  

John is both a chemist and an engineer, one of those obscenely over  educated people you hear about, that has mad skills, that rival Macgyver.  

John has repaired the motor in the old fan over and over, but this time it was totally dead, so he took the motor out of a new fan and welded it into the housing of the old fan to make it fit.  

It was all a go in his workshop, but when he plugged the frankenfan into the wall mounting, it wouldn't go.  
A little nosing around unvieled rusted and corooded wiring, that basically turned to dust in his hand.  So he and Rolf headed out to Home Depot to by a new plug in wire thingy, and came back empty handed because the stupid thing is so old they no longer make them, but someone thought that 
"if anyone in Oregon had them, Sylvan Electronics will!"

So I set off of my wild goose chase to Beaverton, after googling the address, since I don't work on Thursday, it seemed like I  could just pick it right up, and have the fan going again by Thursday night.   

I should have phoned first, which would have revealed that the phone was disconnected, and the place was no longer in business. 

As I drove back without the wire, I kept fiddling with my hair.  I had some extra time before picking up Freyja, why not just get a haircut and be done with it?  I had been putting off getting a haircut since July, for some reason, and the timing was perfect. 

All the signs that is was not a good idea where there.  My regular haircutting lady was gone, but I was being all bold and uncharacteristically devil may care, and went ahead anyway, so now I will pay the price by looking unkempt for six weeks and start all over again.
I  was able to pick up the replacement wire this morning at Platt, right here in SE.  

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