Tuesday, October 14, 2014

with all that free time

Mujadara- Lebanese rice, lentil, caramelized onion, and in this case 
chanterelle mushrooms, foraged by Rolf and Freyja! 

and for the less adventurous among us...

I put out the Halloween decorations and Moonshadow supervised.  She said I did a so/so job.

White beans, brown rice, Sunday

A Monday all to myself, in the sun, with Ms. Rosie, to keep me warm

What in god's name have I gone and done?
So I quit my job. 

I totally did. 

It was a really hard thing to do and possibly quite foolish.

Mark said "you are more important to me than money". 

Which is why I keep him around and don't punch him in the face when I sometimes feel like it. 

I will be totally fine, but I am pretty sad and a little unmoored, and curious if I will ever feel settled again. 

I miss the children and I miss people needing my help, but I need to be less worried and nervous. 

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