Saturday, October 18, 2014

We were gifted a giant box and a whole bag of produce, from the winery/farm of a friend of a friend.  If I had any decency at all I would can up a few pints of pickled beets, but let's face the facts; I am just not that good.  I hope to give a great deal of the beets away- there is a limit to how much of a good thing anyone can deal with.  There are also oodles of peppers, mostly jalapenos, but a few other varieties.  An embarrassment of riches.

I'm making a vegetarian pozole, to get rid of some of the tomatoes and peppers.  Rolf is very fond of hominy, which I personally detest, but I am a giver, what can I say?

And from the other side of the world we have beets and beetgreens with dill.

Moonshadow is supervising my efforts

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