Sunday, October 5, 2014

I bought this absurd floral dress on a whim.  Freyja says she would wear it, if it were sleeveless and in her size.  I might just wear it every day, just because.

I vacuumed this guy up the other day, and felt immediately terrible, which resulted in digging around in  a full vacuum bag.  Little did I know it was foreshadowing something similar to happen to Ripley. 

As we were preparing a dinner party for 12 friends, Rolf and I heard dog screams.  We ignored it for a while, because sometimes Ripley is too lazy to walk into the next room and howls for transportation.  Eventually we discovered that he had fallen to a hole in the back yard Rolf and Freyja had dug, for a project, they never finished. 

I made a cocktail out of the elderberry syrup I made from our berries.  It turned out well, with the addition of rosemary, lemon and cherries.

We made  Käsespätzle for dinner, but Rolf disproved  of my onions, which is just fine because I disprove of his, so there!  For the past two years or so he has been into making these dry, burned onions, which he never did in the past.   In the past he made them exactly like I made them here, jammy, caramelized and unctuous.  His noodles were also a bit tough, which I attribute to him adding too many eggs, even when I said "you are adding too many eggs!" HA!

No one compleained about either the tough noodles, or the soggy onions though. 

A friend brought us a great deal of tomatoes, earlier in the week, so we had another traditional accompaniment, tomato  salad, which was fantastic.

I bought this fantastic French bowl at Goodwill, and noticed today that it is cracked.  I am using it for apples, as I am not ready to part with it just yet. 

We went to the Lents Farmer's Market today, mostly for tamales, but Freyja wanted radishes and peppers too, so we have a lot now. I am crazy about black radishes, I love how they look in a salad.

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