Thursday, August 28, 2014

better than a sharp stick in the eye

The other evening, I was very tired and a little "out of it" as my friend Karen would say.  

Just off, a little, head in the clouds...  

I went in the bathroom to put some eye wash in my eye, to sooth them, after spending most of the previous day in nature, (nature happens to be full of pollen and mold, which makes me sneeze and my eyes itch), my eyes were a mess. It happened- I accidentally sprayed nasal spray in my eye.  

I don't know why, the two bottles are pretty distinct from each other, but I did.  

Right into the right eye. 

After I had rinsed my eye, I picked up the nasal spray, to unclog my nose, which was also snuffed up and miserable, from the a fore mentioned nature,  and Mark, slapped it out if my hand, as if it were a junkie's needle, or a snake, a rabid wolverine. "don't do that again".

Well , duh!

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