Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Across the great divide

I suffer from extreme righteous (self righteous?) indignation.
I consider myself an ethical person and someone that gives a great deal to anything I do, and in return I expect, well, I have high expectations.

This doesn't really serve me particularly well a lot of the time. I find myself in conflict more and more often.

Most recently in conflict over quality and service issues.

For instance, our new, brand new, out of the ever living box, $1500 refrigerator, has not worked right since delivery.


It was jacked up, right out of the box and has cost me a fortune in spoiled food, time off work, and aggravation.

In the past we purchased off brand funk, from the dude on 82nd, for cheap- AND THEY WORKED!

what's wrong with your unit? 

Umm, it's not cold.  

Can you be more specific. 

It's warm.  My fridge is 50 degrees, the milk is clotting and clumping.  It's NOT COLD. MY UNIT IS NOT COLD, man. 

And on and on and they send out a repair person and the refrigerator is not cold and I am livid & stabby and furious.

They the faucet tipped.  

It was straight and it leaned to the right.  

My father crawled under the sink and tried to fix it.

The contractor came and fixed it.

The next day it leaned over again. 

We know it has a  


How is that even possible?  

It is a faucet.  

It should function.  

It is not a rocket ship, it is not brain surgery.  

It is a faucet and it should function. 

The contractor e-mailed me tonight to tell me the company has redesigned this faucet to correct the design flaw, and do I want to exchange it?  

Hell YES, I want to exchange it, except I can't find the receipt, so my bank is sending over a credit card statement, which most likely will not work, because god knows I may have STOLEN the faulty designed faucet, installed it, fixed it TWICE, before attempting to exchange it, for KICKS!

Because I am crafty like that.

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