Sunday, March 2, 2014

In the midst of this existential  trash bin I call my life, things do go on.  Sometimes a bit wobbly, as if the wheels might fall off at any moment, but they go on.

The kitchen is DONE!

Some excellent meals have already been prepared.

Valentine's Day was Valentinious and delightful.

I need a step stool.

A high step stool that isn't too ugly.

My new kitchen is tall, for a short lady.

Munich style potato dumplings, cooked in vegetable broth

pre broth boil

topped with buttery bread crumbs and baked a tiny bit

goulash with green beans and potato

a great deal of paprika

muffins of crustless quiche, for Mark's breakfasts next week.

A Valentine dinner for little girls

A prune stuffed pork loin for Mark

Taking the new grill pan for a spin.  Freyja is over the moon at the thought of grilled meat year round. 

Then there was the call from the lady that had won a year of cakes in an auction- I'd donated the gift certificate TWO YEARS earlier, but who's counting?  This is devil's food with caramel and black sea salt.  

Delivering the cake, even though I feel like absolute hell, with a sore throat and a hurty back.

My cousin's half sister, who, once a long time ago, prior to her mother's divorce from my uncle, was my cousin, made me this extraordinary goat.  Isn't that the sweetest thing ever?  She was visiting from Florida and brought me a goat!

Freyja and I had breakfast at Bob's Red Mill, and it was only so so, now, after their remodel.  What a shame.

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