Wednesday, March 5, 2014


My boy is 15!

It hardly seems possible.  I will confess to liking parenting a teen more than I liked parenting a kid.  I loved parenting a baby and I enjoyed parenting a preschool.  Maxwell was such a lovely, lovely preschooler.  Having a teen, has been pretty good so far, with the exception of all the dangerous stuff... bigger and badder stuff can happen to a teenager, than a toddler.  Aside from drowning in the mop bucket, and that type of freak things, little children are pretty much in your control.  This teen is out of my control a good deal of the time.  I like to let him be.  I let him go to shows, I let him ride the bus.  I let him be unsupervised a lot, because I know that he is smart and capable.  I know that is risk adverse, just like his mama.  We talk often and frankly and we care about each other.  I think all of that helps.  I hope so at least.

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