Thursday, March 27, 2014

Glass houses

I went to see the new Wes Anderson film The Grand Budapest Hotel, which was as lovely as I had anticipated it would be.

I went in the middle of the day, with my friend S, who is the perfect movie companion, a fussy film lover, with a delightful discrete laugh.

We ate a great deal of overly greasy popcorn, which I said I didn't want, then mooched off of anyway, as I like to do, and I had a terrible coffee, with even worse fake cream.  He had some kind of carbonated thing that I left alone, which made me feel righteous about eating more than my share of the popcorn.

It was a rather ideal way to spend a rainy afternoon, of a spring vacation that wasn't really a vacation at all.

I am very fond of Wes Anderson films.

I happen to love even The Darjeeling Limited, which many people don't care for.

I am a sucker, for the scenery, the color, the attention to the tiniest of details. In a perfect world my life would look just like one of his films, complete with orange wallpaper.

One of the things I liked most about this newest film were the wine glasses. I am not a fan of overly ornate glasses, and I adored the conical goblets used in this movie.

They are similar to a set that I have, that once belonged to some dear family friends, and have, over the years been broken, one, by one.  I have a single goblet left, and three sherry glasses.

The glasses in the movie look something like this

My glasses look similar, but with a simple lily of the valley etched on each side, and a band etched around the top.  I also favor Duralex glasses, which are practically indestructible, which may explain why they firm went out of business. 

A friend was just telling me that he bought himself a treat, two lovely wine glasses, from a local wine shop, that are "nicer than you would offer a drunk neighbor."  The Duralex are perfect for your drunkest neighbor, or your clumsiest friend, or the tiniest toddler.

I knew exactly what he meant though.

I once bought myself a large, plain, beautiful balloon glass.

Thin as could be.

Fragile as all get out. 

Obscenely expensive.

Just because I felt like it was the kind of thing I should do.


Own something really over the top.

I used it too.

Then it broke, and that was the end of the grand experiment in luxury.

If you like wit, and beautiful and quirky things go see this movie.  Keep an eye out for those glasses, they are extraordinary! 


  1. Heidi - Is this movie inappropriate for a 13-year-old? Shay likes Wes Anderson movies, but the reviews mention some sexually explicit stuff. - Randi

  2. Randi, I was totally thinking of this very thing while watching the movie! I was thinking "this movie would be excellent for our family to watch!", then BLAM, the Adrien Brody appears on screen saying terrible things and calling the protagonist a "fucking faggot" which was terribly unsettling, because of the general gentility of the film. There is also a painting, a Klimt? maybe, that is rather explicit. It would most likely be fine for a sophisticated 13 year old like Shay, but certainly not for just any old kid.