Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 talking turkey

 Thanksgiving was up in the air because of the remodel.  We had planned to skip it, or have it at my mom's tiny houselette, but then Ben, our contractor was offered a job that would give him some extra cash at the time when he needed to prove income to by a house, so we decided to push back the remodel until after New Years and have it after all, despite our house being half torn up and half packed up.  We had 18 people, and it was nice.  Karen came down from Olympia and we had a nice time cooking.  I had been terribly depressed for weeks so it was nice to have someone around that is both uplifting and unobtrusive.
Brussels sprout salad with maple vinaigrette

Making stuffing and mashed potatoes with Rolf

sides and bread

The most potatoes ever

My friend Pam.  We met through Hipmama and have been friends since our boys were babies in strollers

ham and turkey

Mark and his mom

Me and Pam

I asked Mark to make a nice photo with me, and this is what I got

My mom and Freyja

The after party- dancing to "London Calling"

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