Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

Mark and I attended a party that had an elephant theme.  Why an elephant theme? I have no idea, but there I am with a trunk.  If you had ever wondered what I would look like with a trunk, you know now. 

Maxwell and I with Maxwell's new haircut, which was mostly against my wishes. I was terribly sad to see the Robert Plant hair go, but my mother was ecstatic, so I suppose that is worth something.

Freyja with her Christmas dress, which she wore for approximately 10 minutes, under duress.

Rolf bought me this set of china sometime in the early 90's, and it was possibly the most shocking gift anyone has ever given me.  I had coveted them for months, but never in a million years would have ever splurged on them.  He bought the silk napkins and napkin rings too.  There is only service for four, so I hardly ever use them, but I bought some funny Christmas plates to mix in, so I sometimes use them on Christmas day, instead of the Spode.

While I was busy talking to the contractor about flooring, Freyja laid the whole table herself, exactly as I would have, had I not been freaking out about flooring materials and color, in the next room.  Somethings she really gets.

Waiting to open the door to the livingroom to see if Santa remembered us.

I love this kid more than the law should allow, even if he cut his hair and is a great deal taller than I am.  Christmas morning, unshowered, unkempt and ratty- me.

Christmas eve, right after Santa came. 

Julbord! My obsession with Sweden really has no limits.

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