Sunday, November 17, 2013

breaking up is hard to do

This is a reply I wrote to a friend that was describing an ugly divorce.  Having never been divorced myself, I am no expert, but here is what I thought to say.

Oh, be civil! 

My own parents managed to be so ugly to each other in their divorce and not speak to each since (40ish years) that I feel scarred for life, destroyed, but I am a sensitive soul I suppose. I see how damaging that road was, and I would rather live under a bridge, eating cat food than put my children through it.

I on the other hand am mostly friendly with everyone I ever dated, that preppie fellow not withstanding, he remains an angry, indignant, mystery. I suppose it makes it easy that I have never had two pennies to rub together and always dated musicians and artists who were poorer than me, I was the one with a bathmat, a car, a frying pan. What would I have taken or demanded? A gig-bag, a wahh peddle, a frayed black jacket?

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  1. Paradise lost, innocence and idealism gone forever alas was not the goal age appropriate or not unexpected consequences.