Sunday, November 3, 2013

remember that time we got arrested? No, not that time...

I had coffee with my friend S and he reminded me of the time we were arrested, well held captive, by a rent a cop in Dunthorpe, in 1984.

It all started with my step sister inviting some people over for a party, which made me nervous, these people would not be up to anything good.  My boyfriend was with me.  He wasn't any more pleased with the situation than I was, but somehow we both wound up walking with the group, a rag tag collection of  skater boys, to downtown Lake Oswego, to shouldertap for beer.

Was it summer? It must have been, since the weather was pleasant, and Shawn was wearing shorts. Chris, the dirtiest boy in the whole wide world was along, and Marcus, "Tall Marc" a fellow that towered over all of us, making my 5'2" look cartoonishly tiny, making the other boys seem like children, I can't remember who else, the step sister and her college boyfriend stayed behind.  I seem to have been sent along for moral fortitude, to prevent the operation from heading into Lord of the Flies territory.  I had a crush on the tall guy, I may have volunteered to go, who knows.  It was an ill conceived trip.  I think we snaked through the upscale neighborhood for a while, before turning off onto the main highway. On our way, the local rent a cop, who knew by by sight, stopped us and shook us down briefly.  The boys postured. I explained "out for a stroll officer" and gave my address.

OOPS! This was intended at be saved as a draft... to be continued!

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