Saturday, February 9, 2013

Techno peasant

Technology is so tricky. 
I went to my friend Don's studio yesterday to help him set up his webpage, but then neither one of us could even log on, so it was kind of a bust. 
I helped him set up a blog like this one, which I like because it links to all the other Google features, that I find handy like the calendar. 
That calendar really saves my life a lot of the time.
Another friend of his had set up the domain name which was all fine and good except for the fact that Don is even less savvy than I am and that is saying a lot, so it really wasn't helpful.
We talked about how if you have a tool that you don't know how to use and therefore don't wind  up using it, then it really isn't very helpful, where as if we set up a simple blog, and he uses it often, then it is a good thing. 
He didn't require a lot of convincing.
I am trading him help for bass lessons for Maxwell. 
I am actually trading him dinner once a week for bass lessons, and then I felt guilty and told him I would help him with his computer stuff. 
I don't know why I felt guilty, because we have been friends for 21 years and I have definitely done enough to earn some bass lessons, but it is my nature to worry about these kinds of things. 
So I have provided some pretty good meals for the past three weeks and now a little tech assistance, so I am feeling like I am not beholden, which is my objective.

My work week shook out so I had Friday off this week, which makes me really happy.  I was fine working Monday, Wednesday, Friday, but when I was needed on Thursday, it pleased me a lot. 
Having some flexibility has been really lovely.  I wish I could lighten up and enjoy it more, but there is this residual guilt that I should be checking my e-mail or phone constantly, like I used to have to do.  In a staff meeting on Wednesday my boss told me categorically that I was forbidden to work on my off hours (ok, I sort of asked to to forbid me, after she said it nicely a couple of times, because I am not used to people being very nice to me). Anyway, the point is that I had Friday off, so I was able to do a lot of cleaning up, so I am more free over the weekend to be with Mark and the kids without feeling like I have to mop the floor, which is always nice.
I think I will meet with Don again next week to fill out his blog a little more and to set him up on Twitter.  I think Twitter is perfect for him, actually, maybe better than Facebook even. I am exciting to have this project. 
I have set myself up on Twitter mostly to practice, since it seems to be a requirement for lots of jobs theses days. 
It isn't really a good platform for me, because I tend to be wordy. 
In fact I enjoy being wordy, it sort of defines my style. 
Yes, I am unapologetically wordy and I like it that way! (I am channeling Lady redundant Woman, from the PBS series WORD GIRL!)
I also hate all those little time saving devices like U, instead of youMan, do I ever hate those a lot
I love Facebook though, because you can prattle on and be a wordy as you want to be. 
That works well for me. 
I have a number of penpals- that is how  I think of friends I only know from Facebook, that I really enjoy, so for me Facebook is a real lifesaver, being someone that is somewhat isolated in real life.
Mark, who does not use Facebook, because he talks to people all the damn time in real life and wants a little peace and quiet in his private life, thinks I am insane. 
He does use Twitter though, mostly to forward things other people say to friends.  He is in a big rush all the time, and not at all wordy, so it works well. 
I find that rushed curt style of Twitter kind of rude. 
All the left off punctuation kind of offends me, even though it shouldn't. 
I am a little bit of a ninny in that way and in other ways too I suppose.

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