Sunday, February 10, 2013

Learning to live with it

The house feels insanely crowded, with three animals and all of Freyja's art supplies covering every inch of every room. 
Last night Rosie, the black dog inexplicably peed in my room for good measure. 
I suppose just to remind me that there isn't a single inch of space that I can call my own. 
We also have this piano now, which I am trying hard to get used to. 
It has displaced my little orange settee, that I love, so I am a little cranky. 
I agreed to the piano, because I think that Freyja will do well with lessons, but I do have some lingering resentments around my general lack of space.
I have recently had fantasies of renting a truck, filling it with the contents of our house and taking the lot to the dump.
The cat and the black dog have also shredded the sofa with their sharp claws, so it feels like every where I turn everything is a shambles no matter how hard I try to keep thing neat.
I don't remember feeling this way about Maxwell.  He never covered the house with his belongings, or crept into my personal spaces and he most certainly has never thumb tacked anything to the wall.  I don't remember feeling this way about Teddy Braun, while he did like to bite people, he never scratched up the furniture.  I knew cats were trouble and I never wanted one, this one is a fine cat, for a cat, but in the end I am a poodle person, pretty much. 

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