Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Maxwell in his Tyrolean hut (hat), embracing his German heritage grunge style.  Rolf gave him the hat last Christmas and he wore it for me, when we went to a nativity play at a big Apostolic faith church, on the night of the school shooting.  I really needed some old fashioned wholesomeness.  They had a real camel in the manger and everything.

Christmas morning; Freyja got a real konga, Maxwell checking it out

Mark in his annual sweater, Freyja checking out her new books.

Mom and Richard, salad course.

Baby Jesus wants us to wear really ugly Christmas sweaters.... Mark embraced the Christmas spirit.

Mark was in charge of stocking and he NAILED it, making the kids super happy, and me raise my Baptist eyebrows with the excess.  I love this man a lot, have I mentioned that part?  Note the quilt from grandma & grandpa in the background, on my other grandpa's chair.  my life is filled with ghosts that love me.

stocking love.

"Santa brought me a new girl bike, even though mama thought I could use Maxwell's old one!!!"

I had given Maxwell a long rap about having quit my job and how he was older now and he would have to let Christmas be for Freyja... he said "it's ok mommy, I don't need anything." but through the miracle of Christmas, and grandpa Harlan, Santa got a very cool used practice  bass and amp. One very happy boy!!! It is even strung for a lefty, and Don has promised lessons.  

My three children.

I expect ooohhhs and ahhhs!  Whole Foods is selling the buche Noels cakes for $27, and the local French bistro for $42. what you see here my friend is my grandma Betty's Devil's Food cake rolled jelly roll fahion into the traditional French confection, layered with raspberry jam and dark chocolate cream cheese filling. It was FANTASTIC, if I do say so myself and I do.  A few weeks ago I was wringing my hand over where to find some meringue mushrooms, since making my own seemed overwhelming and Freyja remembered that she saw some on a cake in a French bakery in Lake Oswego, when caring for my grandfather.  I called the bakery to see if they would sell me some and the chef agreed to make some and send them to the SE store.  I went to pick them up, expecting to pay a fortune and the sweet French lady at the counter said, "just purchase a coffee" so the mushrooms were mine for $3.00!!!                                                                             If you even need a coffee and a pastry I highly suggest La Provence

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