Thursday, December 13, 2012

I am not much of a shopper, and I hate crowds, so it is fairly rare for me to go to a mall, but on Tuesday I had to get a gift for Mark that is only available at a big box store, so I complained about the trip that loomed large in my future, at the breakfast table.

I thought I would pick Freyja up after school and bring her along, since she enjoys all the hubbub those types of places have, but instead I went early in the morning, after I dropped off the kids and got a coffee.

In the afternoon a young man went to the mall and shot the place up, killing two people and injuring a third. 

My husband was frantically phoning me, because he thought we were going after school. 

Like a silly goose I had my cell phone turned off, because I don't like the noise.

On Wednesday I went to work and on my way to lunch the news reported the name of the people killed and one victim was a fellow I went to high school with. 

His brother was in my class, he was a year older.

Life is very strange, random and unjust and terrible. 

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  1. Life is not a given…thankful for your safety.