Monday, December 17, 2012

I've written a bunch of posts in my head, but so far none have made it onto the page and the one that does, this one, most likely will not be very good.

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs, let's start with that...

Like everyone with a pulse we have been horrified and saddened by the murders in Connecticut.
I know that at some point Freyja will hear about it and I will have to figure out a way to assure her that she is safe, even though I'm not totally sure. 

"nothing will happen to our kids"

Is what I told Mark Friday. 

"how can you know that?"

"I just do."

That is my story and I am stubbornly sticking to it.

I have had a really hard time squaring my feelings about the mother of the shooter. 
I get it, he was disturbed, but knowing that how on earth could she load the house up with guns? There are a lot of really kooky, crazy folks out there that never get to act on their impulses, because they don't have a closet full of weapons.  
Is being a gun nut, or a collector acceptable? 
Just because you want to own a bunch of shit that has the sole purpose, to kill, to be used for killing, should you be able to?
Clearly I think not, and I hope the powers that be finally get it.

I read some place, maybe it was Mary Karr's friend Dooney that said "anything you can't defend yourself against with a shotgun, you shouldn't mess with." which sums up well how tired I am of the old handgun argument.

Now I am just ranting and I suppose I should save it all up until I have something more coherent to say.

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