Thursday, December 27, 2012

a fine machine

Despite getting a kings ransom of new stuff for Christmas, Freyja has spend the better part of today playing with a car that she built out of a Brio building kit and some animals that were Maxwell's when he was very small. 
There is a living story, a running record of the events unfolding in the living room, where the tiger is stalking a trainload of eraser creatures; I haven't figured out where the giant car comes into play.

Freyja, doesn't enjoy a lot of quiet, and is just as happy with the sound of her own voice, which is pretty much fine, until one of the characters in the story says "MOM, MOM!" and pulls me from my book. 

I am off this week, which means 24/7 child tending, which can have it's ups and downs. 

Today has been fairly good, so far. 

Freyja and I went to exchange some pants that she got as a gift.  They were the kind of pants that have the very clever adjustable waistband. 
Clever for everyone, except my ultra sensitive, princess and the pea child, who is driven mad by anything rough in her clothing.  So the pants were returned and replaced by sweatpants with no tag (my sincere thanks to who ever came up with the printed tag, what a blessing). While we were at the store we bought tights and a black sweater for her to wear to the funeral, tomorrow.  So we are now all set for any funerals that may come up in the near future and we have non-itchy pants for other occasions.  

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