Friday, August 31, 2012

There's a hole in my bucket...

It is actually in a pipe, a big scary, old, metal one in the basement.  It is particularly sinister looking, due to the layers of old gunk and peeling paint.  I just happened to notice the little dribble of water, thank goodness, before it turned into some monster leak, like the one that gutted the bathroom and kitchen last year.


This is not going to be an inexpensive fix, I can tell right now.

It just looks like something that will cost a lot, based on the level of grossness of the pipe, and the fact that it is lurking behind the ancient concrete utility sink.

I am sure there was a point when it seemed like a grand idea to make a utility sink out of concrete, run a big important water source behind it, and mount it on a concrete base that is waist high, but in modern times it is a very bad and expensive looking idea, not a good one at all.

Naturally the pipe had to burst on the Friday afternoon, before a holiday.  We have literally had scores of these types of problems over the years and each time they happen on or right before a holiday.

I blame myself for fixing up the kid's rooms last week.  It is impossible for  me to spend money on non-emergency things without an expensive emergency following close behind.

I should really know better by now. 

To add insult to injury I was given a new schedule at work, which begins inconveniently next week, when a plumber might be free to come fix this problem.  I will be working three ten hour days, with no flexibility, so it really makes home repairs nice and extra stressful.

I was already pretty perplexed and stress out about dropping off and picking up my kids from school, but I would say that my stress level is now at 11.

One more thing and I am checking myself into that home for the very, very nervous.

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  1. I hope you get paid extra for the extra hours