Sunday, August 19, 2012

On Friday we went to see The Campaign, with Maxwell.
I had promised  to take him, even though it was an R rated movie full of grossly inappropriate things.
It was very funny.  Most of the raunchy humor was over the top, Zach Galifianakis was just hilarious, he sort of overshadows Will Farrell in this movie.  Will Farrell's character had all the raunch, Zach was just really funny.  We had a nice evening, with just Max, Freyja was out of town visiting Mark's father and his partner. 
We had dinner at the much lauded Lardo.  
The food was fine enough, but the music was way too loud.
Not just I am a middle aged woman, who is no longer hip-  freakishly loud.

So loud you had to shout at your dinning companion.

Too damn loud. 

I asked the waitress to turn it down, which she did a tiny bit, but it remained painfully loud.

I like loud music, but not when I am trying to eat dinner. I wasn't pretending to be at a rock concert.  It was too loud. 
It annoyed me. 
A lot.
They also topped off my margarita with mineral water.
Margarita's don't have mineral water in them.  The result was a very watery cocktail that cost $8 and a pissed off patron. 
I doubt we will go back any time soon. 
I am just not cool enough, I suppose.

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