Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm reading the latest Annie Lamont book.

Not the spiritual one, I hated that one.

This is the one about her experience as a grandmother.

At first I was annoyed.  It was too precious.  I also find her descriptions of the people around her borderline racist.  She calls her daughter in law Hispanic, repeatedly,  in a creepy old fashioned, you should know better, way.

Mark bought me Operating instructions when Maxwell was a baby and I found it a decent look at motherhood, but her issues with her weight got on my nerves.

She talks about being in recovery from both alcoholism and bulimia, but the constant whine about weight and body image issues feels like an active problem and a bit anti-feminist to me.  You are in your 50's time to get over the fact that you aren't as pretty as you once were. 

I guess I opened this book looking for a fight and I would say I found it, sort of.  I mean clearly she is milking her schtick; body image and being a goofy, quirky but for the grace of god, kind of one day at a timer, is clearly her thing, but come on, doesn't god want you to evolve, be self directed, get your shit together after a while? I am so not a fan of 12 steppers and new age folks.  Not even a tiny bit.  Get it together and be strong, that is my advice. 

I do like a lot of what she says about loving her son.
That part I like, I get that part.
I also like her loyalty toward her friends.

She seems to have a lot of support, which I think comes from being a good person.

Having good friends is a by-product of being a good friend.

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