Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Playing catch up with cake

My friend Leslie McCollum had a release party for her new book Preschool Gems last week and I made some cake for the party.  I couldn't commit to being at the reading.  I just can't face crowds in the heat, or downtown driving, but cake I can do. The party was at the sweet little Roadrunner cafe, run by a sweet little couple and their sweet little child.  I really like this family and hope the best for the cafe.  I arrived early, set out the cakes and hid in the kitchen slicing bread.  

When I was getting ready for the party, I started to step into the tub and discovered a tiny plastic horse.

Rolf was directing me "SMILE! You never smile!"

He called this a "half smile"

My natural state of nonsmilingness

Maxwell went to rock and roll camp last week.  Here he is with Freyja in the greenroom waiting to preform.

Playing bass on Led Zepelin's "rock and roll"

Freyja and cousins after the rock and roll performance. 

We finished off the week with a whirl wind trip north to attend the 50th anniversary party for my best childhood friend's parents.  Freyja and Aunt Karen.  Karen and I met when we were a little younger than Freyja is now. 

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