Sunday, July 1, 2012

A way better week

 This appears to be truly the most loving and patient dog a little girl could ever find, and I am grateful for that.

 Maxwell and I snuck off to Bread & Ink for lunch in the middle of the week, my choice not his.
Over the past month or so I have frequently felt like I was totally losing my mind, completely overcome with sadness and a lingering feeling of defeat.  I allowed silly things to become overly important and I let my work take center stage and it wasn't until Mark said "you don't have to feel this way" That I felt a shift, of course he is right, I don't have to feel that way, I don't have to let other people's baggage be so heavy.
I feel like I neglected the kids on some level during this time.  I'm not proud of it, but it's how things played out.  I wanted to spend a little time with Maxwell and check in.

It is harder than it sound to do that with a 13 year old though. I keep trying though.

Then I looked up and it was suddenly Rolf's birthday and I hadn't done a thing.

His birthday and Thanksgiving are my big entertaining days, so I felt sort of awful about the situation. 

I compromised and did just cake a few days late, with just our family.  Our friend Don happened by around 9:00pm so he got to have a bit of cake and offer a birthday greeting.

I think it was fine.  It was not my usual style, but I am calling it fine.
Genoise  cake, with mascapone cheese frosting and BERRIES!  There was also whipped cream, lady fingers, plain berries, pastries and marzipan dipped in chocolate. 

cheeses and crackers and apples and apricots.

Mark caught licking the spoon!

the party crashers!

the last piece, which was gone by the time I got up this morning.

Maxwell's drawing of Onkie.
Maxwell with a plate of whipped cream!

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