Saturday, July 14, 2012

I primarily use Facebook to keep in contact with a group of women from Hipmama, that were on a message board in 1998 when I was pregnant with Max. We have all remained close and communicate fairly regularly online, the various incarnations of the boards have withered away and Facebook seems to do the trick fairly well.

Last night while goofing around on my phone trying to message a friend a whole slew of really old private messages showed up, and a request for photos of my feet was among them. 

This fellow was very upfront about his foot fetish and offered to pay $80 for foot pictures. 

Clearly this was a random and mass mail, because anyone that has ever laid eyes on my feet knows that they are not cute. 

Fred Flintstone comes to mind.

I have peasant feet and ankles, that my grandmother used to say provide me "with a good understanding". 

Mark would said "only YOU would worry about disappointing the pervy foot guy!"

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