Sunday, July 22, 2012

You can be my Dixie Chicken...

Quinoa and grilled vegetables, berries, lady fingers and cherries.  Rolf came late for dinner so he was eating dinner while the rest of us had dessert.  I love the colors of everything this time of year.  

I was sitting in the driveway listening to an interview with John Sebastian on NPR, when Mark dashed past with the garden hose.

It turned out the neighbors behind us-the ones with five unruly children-fence was on F I R E .

The strip between their house and the house next door to them is covered with wood chips and is about five feet wide.  It is where they have their garbage cans (not my favorite) and where their big son's stand and smoke.  These sons must be in their 20's by now.  The house has a little mother in law unit attached where these big thuggish fellow live.  they stand behind the house and smoke and talk on the phone.  When we are on our deck we see them, standing their smoking their head's off in their wifebeaters and sagging pants.  Our yard is fairly large, but due to the stupid arrangement of houses, we have to look right at these guys.  I suppose we could build a better fence, but there never seems to be extra money for that.

These folks have been problematic since the day them moved in; barking dogs, loud music, young children left unattended. A real mess, and not a good fit with the rest of the neighborhood. 

This is not the first time they have had a fire either, I found our chainlink fence burning a couple years ago, the result of fire works. Someone had stuck them in between the chinks of the fence and walked off.   This fire today was big, and scary and involved the other neighbor's fence, so I suspect the mom will put her foot down for a while at least.  When the fire department arrived they asked if someone was smoking, and the whole family denied it.  I felt like ratting them out, but I didn't.  I just stood there and let them lie.

Freyja and I stopped into this super fancy icecream shop in Pearl district last week when we were playing in the fountains. 

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