Thursday, June 28, 2012

 Rolf came home with more berries than you can shake a stick at last night. 

He had picked Freyja up from daycare for me,  and they went berry picking and then to dinner at a favorite diner of ours. 
There were clamstrips and giant rootbeer floats and heaps of french fries.

I was sort of impressed.  In the 24 years we've been friends it has always been my job to navigate.  To set up the plan and find the spot.  I even order his food when we go out, so I was gobsmacked when he and Bootiful Princess rolled in at 9:00pm, having eaten.  He is an excellent babysitter, but almost always forgets to feed the children things other than massive quantities of fruit. 
Mark and I took the empty house as a sign to go grab dinner ourselves at Broder.  Mark said "I think I thought I liked this place better than I do."  but I still liked it a lot and ignored him.  We sat in the window and the service was outstanding and they have teeny, tiny ramekins of condiments, which I find utterly charming.  If you want to really win me over you will fill up a bunch of little dishes with add ons.  I like my sauces, pickles and side dishes a lot, thank you very much. 

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