Saturday, June 2, 2012

Good housekeeping

The container garden is really starting to take off!  My friend Lily gave me that giant green pot  that I filled with pansies and herbs, she gave us the kitty face too!

Our first berry! Freyja found two more in our raised beds, this one is from a pot on the deck.
Ever since we moved in we have had a really ugly utility shelf unit in the mudroom, with dog-food, art supplies, and over-sized groceries.
It wasn't the worst thing ever, but it didn't please me very much. We used to use this piece as our "mail table", with my over-sized serving pieces stored below, it was in our dining room and I wasn't ever very happy with it either.  I had to move a number of things around & re-purpose some furniture to make Freyja's room more organized, so we wound up moving a shelf that is better for the mail, into the dining room, and this thing was a leftover.   So I decided to put it in the mudroom, and get rid of the utility shelf once and for all.  It's a little weird to have dog-food AND art supplies together, but who cares, right?  Freyja's room looks great, the art supplies are handled and the dog has a lot of food.

Aparently I need a lot of colored pencils & scissors.  The acorn canister is full of markers.                                           I also need to own a lot of markers and a giant bowl of modeling clay is also essential. The scissors and paint brushes are being stored in test tube holders the university where Rolf works were throwing out.  They were brand new, unused.

GLUE! I need to have ten varieties of GLUE! A basket FULL of glue makes me very happy indeed.

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