Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My latest project

I was given a bamboo buffet last fall, maybe even late summer, I don't recall now.
It is in very rough shape. A mess from sitting outside for years, when it should have been inside.
All of the veneer on the top is peeling, some of it gone completely, but it is structurally very sound, so I thought I would give it a makeover.
 need something to store my vases and garden gear in, and a place to put food when we eat outside.

At first I thought I would tile the top, the way I did my dining room buffet (which I found on the street in front of a dumpster).  But that is a lot more work than I am able to commit to these days, so I decided to just put a plywood top on instead. 
I was thinking marine plywood, but when Rolf went to purchase the wood for me and have it cut, the fellow at the store freaked out, at the notion of using treated wood for a table, and I wound up with regular old plywood, which I will treat myself. HA!
I liked the look of the wood grain, so I did a little sheer color wash over it with Stockmar watercolor, and then I will seal it with some weather proof sealant.

The first step was to take the last of the veneer off, then sand. 
Freyja helped with sanding. 

It was dark when I was finishing up the staining with the watercolor. 

The top is really lovely, the front of the drawers looks like it was done in the dark, by a blind person, an angry blind person that hates bamboo furniture, but it will have to do. 

I also bought a piece of  3/4" decorative trim, to put long the front, to hide where the new top meets the old.  I think it will look pretty nice when I am done.

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