Saturday, May 26, 2012

 Freyja got up early, and we went to the Pearl, as we often do on Saturday mornings.   Today she broke with tradition and had a brioche, which she was only moderately happy with.  Stick with what you know, is my advice.

I sold Maxwell's Playmobile castle on Craigslist, to a man named Klaus, who had a tiny anemic looking five year old.  The five year old was a tiny bit rainmanish in his ability to memorize plans, it seems and informed me that I had some of the rook work on the tower, on upside down.  What can I say? Maxwell and I are idea people, not builders.  We had owned the castle for nine years, and all the while it had been put together incorrectly.

I am also selling off all of those wooden vehicles.   I am running out of space for all this shit, and I need to purge.  It makes Mark nervous when I get rid of the kid's stuff.

I know everyone thinks of me as the hoarding, sentimental fool, which is true, but Mark is at least as bad, if not worse. Together we are a hot mess. If he had his way he would keep every paper that Freyja brings home from school, which is why I have to clean out her backpack everyday and hid things in the recycling bag, away from his line of vision.

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