Sunday, May 20, 2012

another Saturday night

I decided to make Cuban inspired food for Saturday night.  It was my friend Don's birthday, and he didn't have any special plans, being the single dad of a toddler, special plans are somewhat hard to come by, so we had him and another musician friend of his, that used to send his daughter to our apartment in NW for music lessons 20 years ago, when Don and I lived there and he taught lessons out of our guestroom.  The daughter has a newborn baby these days.  Man, we are getting OLD. The were coming from a gig in Hillsboro  and I think Don was happy to have a dinner, rather than Pizza Oasis pizza, which is where they were headed, before I phoned.  
I was afraid to put hot stuff on the new buffet top.
Rolf and I made ice cream in last weekend, but I really like this photo, even though my hands looks sort of oldladyish.  The pin that holds the handle on the crank snapped off, so cranking was hard.  Our friend Mark Murphy came by and Rolf tried to claim that the salt had eroded the metal, but Mark said "Rolf, I bet that thing rusted because you left it outside for the past 15 years!" and I had to support that thesis.  Rolf plays pretty fast and loose with caring for stuff.  The ice cream wasn't that great.  We used all cream, which made it too creamy and rich, and we didn't have enough cherries to give good flavor, and it wasn't cranked quite long enough.
Freyja built this Eiffel tower out of unit blocks that are meant for doing fractions.  She is obsessed with France.
The dinner went over pretty well.  I made enough food for about 20 people, though!
Maxwell is pretty cool, huh?

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